The Divine Right of Kings

We have all rubbished the idea.  Equality our slogan.   But the pertinent question remains:  Why one man is born into nobility and the other into squalor:  A fair and valid question.


The question of providence in our time?  Which in my view is for the man who has not searched hard.   Lazy, content and proud.  The faculties of sense and mind a mess.  Wanting the world to change but never himself.


If one believes in this divine right, as I do, then who decides this right?   Certainly not you or me, nor ‘Yes Sir’ council.  Perhaps judgement by natural laws are all around.  Difficult to comprehend and grasp.  Elusive to the wisest, and their best instruments hitherto.


Then one questions the factors that maintain this divine right AND that of nobility.  Perhaps our duty:  But most arduous.  The righteous, benevolent and merciful king, loved by his people, will be the most powerful king.  The fruits will come of their own accord.


The King who has taken council from those drunk, with power and pride.  The king who has forgotten, the deep divinity within all, will then, rightly see erosion.  Nobility abandoned in the once noble, mutiny and escape in the minds of his people, decent from the enlightened and disapproval from the gods.   Then to rule over the foolish and corrupt, in a hell of his own creation.  Only he will declare himself a king, but no other.

His divine right lost to time.

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