And so he talks of heaven.  But WHY cannot he NOT enter his neighbor’s abode? Covetous of his wife, lust badly hidden.  Pride in thought, the secret never known.  His weight, his value in pounds and cent.  Respect and love bought perhaps, but all false, and all a lie. To sit on the step outside […]

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Great YouTube Channels

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChZRoC9bMegevAxFmee1oSA   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkJ1N-7g9Q6n7KnriGit-Ig   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG-G8LLr38fQUNZU8K0t-EA   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCZVmatSqIMTTB8uExk8xEg   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8RPuonNxq2lMb8zMvo7Xxw   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCax5yOeZEARapomXn2MPiGw   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCs_FjJR8A7rompHCnW0-3g   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCd6F39mg7LPUkw1BfiJDibw    

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The Divine Right of Kings

We have all rubbished the idea.  Equality our slogan.   But the pertinent question remains:  Why one man is born into nobility and the other into squalor:  A fair and valid question.   The question of providence in our time?  Which in my view is for the man who has not searched hard.   Lazy, content and […]

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Influences in buying technology online

A very interesting bit of research that I came across that would be applicable across many areas. FACTORS THAT WOULD INFLUENCE THE DECISION OF BUYING TECHNOLOGY ONLINE (APRIL 2015) RESEARCH AND BUYING TECHNOLOGY PRODUCTS – UK JUNE 2015 (MINTEL) OF 2000 PEOPLE IN THE SAMPLE                                                                        %   Availability of next day delivery                                                                            48 Price match […]

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Internet Usage Information

For my own note mainly and those people that might be interested some important internet usage figures: As borrowed from  E-Marketer (2016) September, Average times spent per day with major media by US adults.  (This includes times where several items were on at the same time) 2016 2018 Expected (Hours) (Hours) Mobile non voice 2.53 […]

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Meeting a Great Economist Steve Keen

Dunking Economics, is a book of rebellion that was written by Professor Steve Keen.   This work, reading and appearances on RT Television motivated me in  starting a course a Kingston University that has been absolutely great.  (Back in 2014) Introducing me to so many different aspects of economics, and most importantly alternative views that […]

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Next in the USA.

Trying to predict the future is a tough one.   But one thing I am becoming sure about is the collapse of the dollar.   Every Fiat currency has an average life span of decades not centuries, before something needs to replace it. As the debt in the US has to keep climbing due to […]

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Your business does not have any presence in the East?

Your business does not have any presence in the East: What are you doing?   I recall watching a program on channel 4 called the “Britain’s trillion pound horror story”.  http://www.channel4.com/programmes/britains-trillion-pound-horror-story/4od It was disturbing. Lately however I have seen the latest analyse of the mess we are in by way of money weeks, “End of […]

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The future of Accounts Outsourcing

I watched the following video today.  http://video.ft.com/v/2317219704001/Indian-outsourcing-2-0.  Very interesting. Price arbitrage has been clicking away in the background for years.   The wage differential is still 10:1 in many areas, including accounting.   Technology has allowed access to 2nd or 3rd world countries to compete.   Survival of the fittest now?   I think the […]

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Open and transparent Taxation or a waste of time?

The recent news states that Google, Amazon, Starbucks are openly dancing naked in front of the authorities and not paying any tax either.  J1. A not so recent documentary http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=d4o13isDdfY#!, showed that Apple was able to manufacture their equipment in China for $40-50,  and sell it for $500 in the US.  Nothing wrong with that arguably.  The […]

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Lord Bilimoria Lecture Hayes London UK

I met with Lord Bilimoria today, (the Chairman of Cobra beers) and others at a conference held by the Hounslow Chambers of Commerce in Hayes, London.  Inspirational guy indeed.  He started with little, but through perseverance has accomplished so much in his life.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karan_Bilimoria,_Baron_Bilimoria A very straightforward and humble individual I thought, although the military […]

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The Future of Accounting Software

A lot of systems are going to fall is the prediction. As accountants, 50% of all UK practices are using IRIS (2011-12), usually linked to Sage line 5o for book-keeping.    And there are so many other systems out there that I could name that are used by the masses.  Here is an intial list: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_accounting_software […]

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The Best at Sales

I overwhelmingly propose that traditional face to face sales techniques are useless in some businesses.  Google, Ebay or other dot-com start-ups, needed tech guru’s not sales people.  That is self-evident. Furthermore, if the product or service base is totally useless, sales is a waste of time.   All sales will be temporary.  When the client […]

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A Topdown View of Financial Reporting

To some respected people, especially fellow Accountants, the following extract might offend, but I make no apologies. I fully justify my views instead. Given that Accounting can be extremely complex, even mind bending at times. Certain areas, like taxation planning can be a minefield. Indeed, only the skillful accountant can guide you through. I will not mention taxation, […]

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Karma a Different view

Me being of Hindu origin, growing up around in a Christian country has been fun.   I have questioned it all.   A past time for us all at some point.  I am one of those that prefers an exact answer, but for some things I really don’t know.  This applies to Karma too.  Still […]

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Visiting India

First time I am using this.  I know that I will be talking to myself for a while.  Therapeutic non the less, in a funny way.  Here goes my First Blog anyhow. Got back from a trip on Wednesday.   Went there on a trip to visit family and get an overview of the business […]

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