My first Ann Summers Party

English: Ann Summers - The Piazza Centre
English: Ann Summers – The Piazza Centre (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You filthy swine I hear the aged lady shout ready to strike with her handbag.

No it was not a party like that actually.   Yesterday, on the 20th November 2013, I went along to an event organised by the Evening Standard near Westminster, London that hosted Ms. Jacquiline Gold.

The woman behind Ann Summers.  A very interesting lecture, some nuggets of information and a great bunch of people to mingle with made for a good evening.  Courage was the one word if any that I left with.   I did have some questions about the legal and moral obstacles faced, the dialogue in her mind to set out.   I would have asked but for a number of minor reasons, limited time is my excuse….Next time.

I remember joking with an old bachelor friend of mine:  “Mr Maker, you’ve been in that Ann Summers again, you have”.   “What do you mean” he said, as his sister laughed.   This example illustrates how well it is positioned.  Not that of a seedy sex shop, but not that of Selfridges either. Naughty…….but clever, and accepted in the mainstream.  A supplier satisfying a want with financial success to prove it.

In conclusion, a story that any new business owner can glean something from.  Do look into the Story of Ms. J. Gold.


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