My first Ann Summers Party

You filthy swine I hear the aged lady shout ready to strike with her handbag. No it was not a party like that actually.   Yesterday, on the 20th November 2013, I went along to an event organised by the Evening Standard near Westminster, London that hosted Ms. Jacquiline Gold. The woman behind […]


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The future of Accounts Outsourcing

I watched the following video today.  Very interesting. Price arbitrage has been clicking away in the background for years.   The wage differential is still 10:1 in many areas, including accounting.   Technology has allowed access to 2nd or 3rd world countries to compete.   Survival of the fittest now?   I think the […]

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The Future of Accounting Software

A lot of systems are going to fall is the prediction. As accountants, 50% of all UK practices are using IRIS (2011-12), usually linked to Sage line 5o for book-keeping.    And there are so many other systems out there that I could name that are used by the masses.  Here is an intial list: […]

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The Best at Sales

I overwhelmingly propose that traditional face to face sales techniques are useless in some businesses.  Google, Ebay or other dot-com start-ups, needed tech guru’s not sales people.  That is self-evident. Furthermore, if the product or service base is totally useless, sales is a waste of time.   All sales will be temporary.  When the client […]

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