Internet Usage Information

For my own note mainly and those people that might be interested some important internet usage figures:

As borrowed from  E-Marketer (2016) September, Average times spent per day with major media by US adults.  (This includes times where several items were on at the same time)

2016 2018 Expected
(Hours) (Hours)
Mobile non voice 2.53 3.26
Radio 0.49 0.59
Social Networks 0.26 0.33
Videos 0.26 0.34
Other 1.11 1.19
Desktop/Laptops 2.11 2.07
Video 0.24 0.24
Social Networks 0.15 0.13
Radio 0.07 0.06
Other 1.25 1.24
Other Connected Services 0.26 0.3
TV 4.07 3.57
Radio 1.27 1.25
Newspaper 0.15 0.13
Magazines 0.12 0.11
Other 0.22 0.2

The main changes expected being the greater use of mobile, compared to the desktop.   People are expected to watch less TV and Radio, however this is not expected to fall to nil at all.   Radio is expected to be largely unchanged.

Very useful information if you are selecting a medium of advertising.


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