Meeting a Great Economist Steve Keen

Dunking Economics, is a book of rebellion that was written by Professor Steve Keen.   This work, reading and appearances on RT Television motivated me in  starting a course a Kingston University that has been absolutely great.  (Back in 2014)

Introducing me to so many different aspects of economics, and most importantly alternative views that one does not hear about in the mainstream.  For example “Marx is not known to the millionaire, but the billionaires know him all too well.”, said a wise man.  Not understood at first, but now I know why.

Keen is one of the few men that clearly saw the 2008 crash, but was sidelined and ignored, but he is now rightfully gaining ground.   His currently working on complex theory (Minsky software), he is somebody that should be heard and understood, even if you may ultimately, after forming an opinion disagree with his stance on things.  A brilliant hard hitting economist based in reality.

His web address:

Brilliant to meet him in person in November 2014, and very happy when he agreed to supervise my dissertation.   (Minsky and the search for drivers of US Treasury Yields).  A fascinating ongoing project for me.

Part 1 (pdf) will be uploaded here soon.




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