The Best at Sales

I overwhelmingly propose that traditional face to face sales techniques are useless in some businesses.  Google, Ebay or other dot-com start-ups, needed tech guru’s not sales people.  That is self-evident.

Furthermore, if the product or service base is totally useless, sales is a waste of time.   All sales will be temporary.  When the client finds out the truth, it will all fall like a deck of cards.

Given this basic view then, I never used to appreciate sales people, marketing consultants, estate agents, or bankers and of those especially sales people…………or maybe bankers.  Coming from a technical accounting background, we were never taught this aspect of business at university, nor did I ever realise how important it really was or is.  It was only when I started my business that I began to appreciate it all.  I cannot rubbish the discipline any more.  Many CEO’s of top companies are Sales people by trade.   And ANY business in the world can glen something.

I have read many books now on the subject, and many business books otherwise.  For example:

I like them all but I think that the last is just great.   She has a created a mini revolution in the subject I feel.  If you look at all the old books, they talk about finding things in common with the recipient, to close the deal fast and so on.   Whereas Jill, with her experience asserts that it is all about empathy and the more you have the better.  Put yourself in their shoes, and see through their eyes.  What is it that they want.  And then tell it to them straight.  I do not do justice to her approach.  But see what she has to say and get a copy of her book.  Money well spent.

Another good source is, full of admirable energy, the CEO has written a book ( really good), and is always up to something progressive.   Does cost however.  If you are a startup and have little money, then perhaps invest in going to the library with a clear head to start with.  Join the scheme later.



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