Karma a Different view

English: Fred Trueman
English: Fred Trueman (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Me being of Hindu origin, growing up around in a Christian country has been fun.   I have questioned it all.   A past time for us all at some point.  I am one of those that prefers an exact answer, but for some things I really don’t know.  This applies to Karma too.  Still searching.

The Karma maxim, to my understanding is that what you do in this life and the last will one day come back to you.  Good or bad.  This is how we learn what we need to do in life.  “Give and you shall receive” is the similar point of view in Christianity.  The other one that sticks in my mind is:  “If you live by the sword, you will die by the sword”.

But is it all true, or a fear, purposefully put into the hearts of man to control their behavior?  Or perhaps well-meaning nonsense.

There is the issue of mechanics.  I asked my sister-in-law this recently as I have many people, but there is very little they can tell me here.  If I were to murder, then one day I should be murdered.  Who records it?  Oh, some people do say it marks your Ora.   The chaps that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, Japan in 1945.  Should President Trueman who killed around 400,000 people via the atom bomb die 400,000 times?    I can hear all the physicists reading this cringing – “what a load of bull manure” they must be saying to all of the above.  I have wrestled with this so much that I almost concur.

Repetition.  If a lie or a truth is repeated to you often enough, then we find it hard to think objectively.   We assume it to be correct.  Maybe that is how  people of a religious order stay in that order, the mass media is able to cover up JFK and 911 among other things.  I would say man on the moon too, but I am at a loss: Still do not understand why they did not see any stars up there though?   They might tell you different, but I am well aware of this human characteristic, or flaw of repetition.  I have tried hard all my life to challenge it.  You need a lot of focus and the courage to go against the immediate grain, that of your family and friends.  Suffice to state that the basis of your repetition better be correct or things that you build thereafter will fall.  I drift.

So let’s be logical and objective.   Karma, true or not?    Logic says no, but my heart or my repetitive self, says yes, maybe.  My only defense – “To do good feels like the right thing to do in life”  Still not sure about the results.    

Still thinking but I am damned if I can think of a scientific way to measure it?  I cannot.  To every scientific measure one can find a slip.  Animals kill each other all the time.  Logic would assert that they should suffer just as the human animal does or does not.  Unfortunately we cannot measure this either.  Or at least I cannot think of a way.  Maybe someone out there has proof?  I would love to know.

English: A hindu devotee in Nepal
English: A hindu devotee in Nepal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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