Visiting India

First time I am using this.  I know that I will be talking to myself for a while.  Therapeutic non the less, in a funny way.  Here goes my First Blog anyhow.

Got back from a trip on Wednesday.   Went there on a trip to visit family and get an overview of the business going on there.  I met up with some key people.  Had a really good time at my cousins wedding too.

A lot of things really need doing there.  The potential is huge.  If a business knows how to get involved, there is evidently a lot of growth to be had.   I guess going from an established economy to that of the India, one sees a different angle.  There are some limiting factors, but what country does not have problems.  I am writing my ebook on the subject and will publish it here and on my business website.  www.VNAccounting.Com.  Going over a lot of research to make it a good one.


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